Seasonal Health

Seasonal Health

Top 10 ways to achieve allergy relief this Spring:


·      Take your antihistamine daily during peak season (Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra)

·      Treat your symptoms ~ allergy symptoms vary & sometimes additional treatment is needed (eye drops, decongestant, cough suppressant)

·      See your healthcare provider if over the counter relief is no longer helping (sometimes corticosteroid therapy is indicated and can be prescribed as inhaled, oral, topical, or injected)

·      Replace air filters more often during months of high pollen counts

·      Invest in an ionic air purifier

·      Maintain an ambient home temperature (approximately 70 degrees)

·      Drink water ~ this is your body’s inner cleansing system

·      Stay inside on high pollen count days

·      Keep your home as clean as possible

·      Avoid cigarette smoke